At RTS Print Services we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. We are not some faceless entity that will churn out your
project without us ever speaking to you. During the course of your project you will get to know us personally and we you. All of your interactions with us will be based upon the honesty, reliability, and professionalism that we believe all of our clients deserve.

We promise to apply all of our years of knowledge and experience, to making your print project effortless and your investment of time minimal. Acting as consultants we aim to guide our clients toward the best possible print solution for them and communicate effectively to efficiently produce the best possible product.

RTS Print Services owner Ray Sikorski has long been known for his ability to offer fierce customer service, exceptional product quality and total accessibility, all achieved in an incredibly user friendly environment. His skillset, business style and genuine passion for what he does are immediately apparent when working with customers. He takes complete ownership of every order he gets.

From order inception to delivery, Ray takes a proactive approach keeping a watchful eye on each job, to assure that the customers’ project will be completed on time and at the highest quality possible.

"The ability to order your printed materials on the internet was quite a blow to local print companies several years ago. Today the pendulum has swung back to using local companies for one reason, and that is accessibility to an actual salesperson. The handshake and the eye-to-eye contact have made its way back into the marketing mix. The one-on-one relationship with the customer is still welcomed and appreciated!"

– Ray Sikorski , Owner RTS Print Services

If you require beautiful compelling printed materials but do not have the resources of an art department available to you RTS Print Services offers graphic design services as well.

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RTS Print Services knows that your campaign or project is successful only if it is reaching the right people. We offer accessibility to all phases of direct mail.

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